Beaver County Parcel Viewer Help

This is an updated version of the Beaver County GIS Portal. The new version is using ArcGIS Server Javascript API 3.16. The functions in this new version are the same as the old version, the main difference being a different look and feel.

Welcome to the Beaver County GIS Portal online help. Select a help topic below to get started.

Help Topics

  1. Basemap
  2. Navigation
  3. Measure
  4. Identify
  5. Print
  6. Search
  7. Help
  8. Bookmark
  9. Feedback
  10. Draw
  11. Map Layers


Select "Basemap" on the toolbar if you would like to change the option of basemap available. There are several different types of basemaps to choose from. The list below are the options for the different types of maps.

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Navigation Menu

Zoom In, Zoom Out

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Measure allows you to measure by area, distance or location. The resultant measurements are returned. Access the Measure tool by clicking "Measure" on the toolbar.


Area Measurement

To measure by area, choose the type of measurement you would like and then draw at least three sides on the map. Double click in order to show the measurement. The options to measure by area are:

  • Acres
  • Sq Miles
  • Sq Kilometers
  • Hectares
  • Sq Yards
  • Sq Feet
  • Sq Meters

Area Measure

Distance Measurement

To measure by distance, choose the type of measurement you would like and then draw a line on the map. Double click in order to show the measurement. The options to measure by distance are:

  • Miles
  • Kilometers
  • Feet
  • Meters
  • Yards
  • Nautical Miles

Distance Measure

Location Measurement

To measure by location, choose Degrees for latitude/longitude or DMS for Degrees/Minutes/Seconds. Click on the map in order to show the coordinates.

Location Measure
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The Identify tool allows you to view information about all the features present at the clicking location. To identify features, choose "Identify" on the Identify Panel and click on the map to identify. A push pin will show where you have clicked and an Identify Results panel will appear with the information about the identified features. The top portion of the Identify Result Panel is a drop down list with all the different feature types present at the location. The middle portaion of the Identify Result Panel is a tree view which list all the features at the clicking location for the selected feature type. The bottom of the Identify Result Panel is a table view which displays the attributes for the selected feature in the tree view. If you would like to see more information regarding the parcel, click on the Parcel ID within the Identify Results box and a Property Search report will open. This report can be printed from the newly opened page.



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The Print tool allows you to print the current map view to a .pdf file. Choose "Print" on the toolbar and choose from 8.5x11 or 11x17. A new Window will open, and the .pdf file can be printed or saved.

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The Help section contains a link to the Beaver County Website as well as the GIS Data Dictionary for the county and the data request form.

Help Menu
  • Home
  • To access the main Beaver County Website, choose "Home" in the Help Menu.

  • Data Dictionary
  • To access the GIS Data Dictionary, choose "Data Dictionary" in the Help Menu. The Data dictionary contains the Geodatabase and Feature Definition for the public GIS data.

  • Data Request Form
  • To access the Data Request Form, choose "Data Request Form" in the Help Menu. The Beaver County GIS data is available in ESRI Personal Geodatabase format or ESRI shapefile format to the public for a fee and is subject to specific terms and conditions.

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    The Bookmark tool allows you to save a location on the map that might be of interest to you and then go back to that location at any given time. The default bookmark is set at the county level. Once zoomed into a specific area on the map you can set the bookmark.


    Make sure you are zoomed to the area of the map that you would like to bookmark. Choose "Bookmark" from the toolbar, click "Add Bookmark" and key in any name that you would like to identify the bookmark for future use. To access the the saved bookmark, open the "Bookmark" tool and click on the bookmark that you are interested in. To delete the bookmark when finished, click the blue "X" next to the bookmark name.

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    The Feedback tool is accessible through the "Feedback" button on the toolbar. This tool is to be used to send comments or report problems.

    Feed Back

    The Measure tool or the Draw Tool can be used to mark up the issues on the map in your web browser. Once Submit Feedback is selected the information will be stored in a SQL table, an email will be sent to Beaver County, and a confirmation email will be sent to the person who submitted the comments. Prior to choosing the submit feedback button you must enter a Captcha Code. This ensures that there is an actual person sending the information.

    Insert Captcha

    Type the code exactly as it appears prior to choosing Submit Feedback. If you are unable to read the Captcha Code click Refresh next to the input box for a new code.

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    The Draw Tool allows for the creation of points, lines, freehand lines, polygons, freehand polygons, circles and rectangles. It also gives you the capability to add text to the map. To create a graphic, first click the Draw button on the toolbar and then select the button that corresponds to the type of graphic you would like to create.

  • Place Point
  • Draw Line
  • Draw Freehand Line
  • Draw Polygon
  • Draw Freehand Polygon
  • Draw Circle
  • Draw Rectangle
  • Place Text
  • Clear Drawing
  • Once you have chosen the type of graphic you would like to create, you may adjust the color, width and opacity of the graphic and then click on the map. If you would like to place the line or polygon, click on the map at the starting point and continue placing points until your sketch is complete. Double clicking when finished will complete the line or close the polygon shape. For freehand lines and polygons, click and drag the mouse pointer to create the graphics. Double click to complete the lines or close the polygon shape.

    To add text to the map select the Place Text button, type the text you would like on the map in the textbox. Finally, click on the map where you would like to place the text. To clear your added graphics or text, click the Clear Drawing icon.

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    Map Layers

    The Beaver County GIS Portal map has a few layers that can be turned on or off. To toggle each of the layers on or off, choose "Map LAYERS" and click in each of the check boxes. If the box is checked, the layer will appear on the map. If the box is unchecked the layer will not appear on the map.

    GIS Layers
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